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Strategic Financial Planning

For Love or Money - Is your Relationship safe?

Money is one of the main causes of relationship problems... or is it?

Some experts say that it’s really a lack of communication and the trust behind it.

Money has meaning beyond the numbers on a page or notes in your wallet. It is strongly linked to our sense of security and self worth. If you and your partner argue about money you’re not alone.

So how can we improve our ‘financial communication’?

1. Discuss your differences.

Do you spend big and hope for the best OR do you save security needs. In many relationships one person wants to spend the money they are earning to enjoy luxuries. However the other person may feel a constant need to save for a secure future.

2. Plan to Get Ahead.

Ask your partner about their own personal dreams and long term goals. Looking at the bigger picture helps you decide if you achieve long term wealth. Seek financial advice and develop a strategic financial plan.

3 Budgeting is not about Going Without.

In fact a realistic budget allows you to enjoy your own getting ahead. Ensure that your budget is realistic by estimating your expenses and then tracking your regular and incidental expenses for a few months.

4. One Pot or Two?

The decision about whether to opt for a traditional combined household fund is a big one and really depends on your personal circumstances. These days many couples keep their own accounts and contribute equally to household expenses.

5. Protect Your Assets.

Protecting individual assets can be very important for people who have been divorced or separated. It would be considered reasonable to discuss your concerns about combining assets and also an exit strategy if things don't work out.

6. Should You Have A Financial Controller.

Some relationships work really well with both people actively involved in the finances. However the picture we often see is that the person who has strengths in this area becomes responsible for household finances.

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Strategic Financial Planning

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