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Low Doc Commercial Loans - Yes, We have your Low Doc Loan.

Low Doc Home Loans are our business - Conditional Approval in 24 hours

Your first choice for Business Financial Solutions, Home & Investment Loans and Mortgage solutions across Australia.
Our Genuine Substantial Business Problem diagnosis is available to all clients and engineered to provide effective solutions for your business.

Low Doc Home loans were originally designed for small business and self-employed operators who have difficulty getting  the documentation together that is required to get a traditional home loan.
If you need a loan and ANY of the following apply to you .......

When the banks say no, call loans to lifestyle for your low doc loan

then we have the low doc loan for you.
We are not only the acknowledged specialist in this area, we deal direct with both wholesale and private lenders to make sure you get the very best possible loan. With the increase in workplace diversity and employment tenure, low-doc loans today provide a real means for people to purchase property at similar interest to standard loans.

Without low doc loans, many self-employed people…the backbone of our economy…would be unable to raise funds to purchase a home or investment property. Low doc home loans are available to those who have an ABN number and are operating a viable business. There are times however when tax returns and other financials are not readily available for one reason or another. When cash flows become erratic, banks quickly become disinterested in assisting small business operators pleading for help. This is where Loans to Lifestyle excels - we are experts in the field of low doc home loans. 

We understand the self employed. Just make the call, and you will quickly realise that we know our field and can quickly address your financial needs.

We are the Low Doc Home Loan Specialists.

At Loans to Lifestyle we both completely understand small business operation from many years of hands on experience, and are able to relate to and assist other business operators obtain finance where others are unable to help. 
Loans to Lifestyle is a solution provider for your Business Financial Issues, Home Loans & Mortgaes, Australia wide, especially when your credit is less than perfect. Just complete the Express Enquiry box at rigth and we will be right with you to assist with your loan.

What people say about Us.

Here are just few comments we have received from our clients ....

"What sets Loans to Lifestyle (well) apart from his competition is:

Low Doc Commercial Loans

FAQ's for Low doc loans - get your answeres here, or contact us

  1. My credit is pretty bad - more than just a few overdue or late paymentsIf or the occasional default - Would I still qualify for a low doc loan? YES, quite possibly… but we will have to understand the circumstances around your credit issues. With our direct lender arrangements we just have to be sure you can afford the loan and the necessary arrangements are in place so you will not miss any payments.
  2. Can I use a low doc loan for residential construction ? YES
  3. I live in a regional area. can I get a low Doc Loan without metropolitan property? Yes. Loans to Lifestyle has Low Doc Loans offering up to 70% LVR in most regional areas.
  4. I have an ATO debt. Can I use my low doc loan to provide some cash out to pay this ATO debt?Yes …cash out can be used to payout all out standing ATO debts.
  5. My non-working partner owns our property, can we use my income as co-borrower to service the loan. Yes…absolutely. This is another from of small business risk mitigation we encourage.
  6. Can loans to Lifestyle refinance an existing low doc loans? YES, subject to an application.
  7. I don't have an accountant or they won't to sign my Low Doc Declaration - Is there another way I can proceed? YES… With accpetable trading account bank statements for the last 3 mths showing your turn-over, an accountant signoff may not be required.
  8. Is it possible to capitalise the repayments during the construction period? YES
  9. Once approved, can I switch a low doc home loan into a full doc loan? YES… all we need is your last two years tax returns and if acceptable will happily switch your low doc home loan to a full doc at no cost.
  10. Why are low doc home loans more expensive than full doc rates? The cost of a loan directly relates to the risk the lender accepts when approving your loan. The lack of full tax returns and assesments compels the lender to take more risk.
  11. Can a trust be used to hold out assets to afford us some protection? Yes…Loans to lifestyle both understands the risks associated in operating a business and encourages you to protect your assets.
  12. I have an ABN but do not actually run a trading business, can I get a Low Doc Loan?  You must be able to service your loan from the income you generate. 
  13. Are you able to check the likely value of my property? Yes…Loans to Lifestyle offers free RPDATA Valuations
  14. Can a low doc loan provide cash out for working capital? Yes…cash out is quite acceptable to grow and expand your business.
  15. Can we add one of your personal loans up to $30,000 to our Low Doc Home Loan? Yes… You're credit must be clear, the first mortgage cannot exceed 80% and the total LVR cannot exceed 90%.
  16. Can a Commercial Bill be paid out? Yes ….we refinance Commercial Bills.
  17. Is cash out UNLIMITED? Yes …Loans to Lifestyle allows unlimited cash out up to 80% LVR (Loan to Valuation Ratio).
  18. Will our Low Doc Loan have break cost if we pay it out early? No... There are no break costs on variable low doc home loans.
  19. I’m not sure if I have any credit issues. Can you help? Yes… Loans to lifestyle will show you how to check your credit.

 Peter’s mantra is “There must be a way…” and he invariably finds it.Loans to Lifestyle Low Doc Loans for all We are delighted — truly delighted — with the results. " Ross.

"I have dealt with Loans to Lifestyle over the past few years for a wide range of financial matters and advice, and have found Peter to be honest and reliable in his approach. His fees are always known up front, and in the end have always proven to be good value for money. We are only a small family company, but have over a million dollars in loans, so good practical advice is essential to my running of my life and company." Peter S

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