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Investment Plan: Renovating Cost Guide.

Archicentre Cost Guide

Market Summary Overview

The changing of the First Home Owners Grants has slowed activity in the new home sector. Under normal circumstances this might increase competition in the home renovation sector and bring some good news to aspiring renovators.

Catastrophic floods have swept Australia, which will result in a re-building effort described by some as of "post-war proportions" and stretch the building industry to its limit, particularly in Brisbane. Construction costs will rise and the need for independent checks of building work will increase as tradespersons struggle to keep up with the work.

Smart renovators with a good investment plan will act quickly, detail their projects thoroughly, get at least 3 prices and sign binding building contracts that have been independently checked to protect their interests. Preliminary cost estimates are a must, as are independent building checks during construction before you pay your builder - to make sure that you get what you are being asked to pay for. Please call Archicentre if you need a costed renovation Design Concept or Quality Assurance Inspections during your building project.

Improve your invest plan with the full article on the Archrcentre renovating cost guide to take advantage of the many changes in the financial services industry.

Investment Plan: Renovating Cost Guide

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