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Home Loan Services: Buying Property with Confidence.

Your next property - Home or Investment?

Searching for your next property is exciting, whether it is an investment or your new home. It is also satisfying to find something perfect, to negotiate well and to secure a good deal.

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For many of us though, the process isn't always that smooth. Buying a home usually involves lots of personal considerations, likes & dislikes to suit your lifestyle.
Investment properties though are a very different exercise - the main goal here is to make money, both from rent & capital gain, so we must analyse opportunities in terms of their ability to make money, both now and into the future. You are urged to seek financial assistance in the decision making process, as it is a complex exercise.
The excitement can be mixed with some anxiety about being able to find what you can afford, wondering if you are paying too much, losing out to another buyer or even the worry of having a larger mortgage. Choosing a home or investment property is obviously a big decision and it is only natural to be concerned about making mistakes. 

Preparation is essential before you start your search.

If you arm yourself with good information and a structured approach, you will feel more confident, less anxious and will probably find that you will make better decisions. While most of us are well qualified to select a home, this article and checklist will provide some handy tips for your successful home hunting. If you are looking to buy an investment property, we strongly recommend you consult us first.  

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Investing is a complex and largely numbers based decision making process, and for your best chance to be successful you must completely separate emotion from the facts - quite the opposite to buying a home.
At Loans to Lifestyle we can assist you with a financial strategy best suited to your personal situation and at the same source source a home or investment loan with the best rates and conditions for you. Selecting a property that will minimise holding costs or even be cash flow positive while still maintaining good long term growth prospects as well as maximising your taxation position will require careful assessment.
Likewise, if you are borrowing, careful consideration must be given to the financial and equity structures you use. We have a great deal of experience and information that you can use as a guide to assist your with your decision and we hope this helps with your property selection if you are 'shopping' this month. Here are some simple tips that will assist you achieve a good outcome on both sides..

Invest time working on your wish list

You may not even need to change lenders. Sometimes your current lender has brought out better products since you have taken out your loan. If they have introduced a better product they are not likely to let you know. We, on the other hand, work for you – not the bank. So we will always make suggestions in your best interest, not theirs. It may be as simple as a product switch. We can help you with this. Call the office if you’re interested in us finding out for you.

Negotiate Based on Facts.

Always start low and use your research. Key negotiating points include:

It’s not only about price. Offering more favourable settlement terms may swing the deal in your favour (eg longer settlement, renting the house to current owners until they are able to move etc). Put your offer in writing and ensure the seller knows you are serious.

A useful checklist for buying property can be downloaded below.

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