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Why Us - Loans to Lifestyle

Experience plus an Expert Team for your Business.

Loans to Lifestyle is a financial services company with many years of hands-on practical business experience combined with a team of highly professional industry experts, who are able to relate to and assist business operators obtain finance and improve their business operations, where others are unable to help.

No issues are too small or too difficult. Our team are able to assist with problems arising form ATO debt, difficult slow paying debtors, creditors supply and payments issues, other lender problems, risk management, business best practice procedures and much much more.

Just call us to discuss your issue and we will visit your business to discuss how we can assist you - free of charge.

Loans to Lifestyle has direct arrangements with a vast number of non-conforming lenders and private funders and our team of industry professonals & experts ensure you are receiving professional competent advice that will meet the requirements and obligations of most financiers. The opportunities and interest rates we can achieve for you are among the best in the business.

The Australian Dream - Owning your own home!

For most of us, purchasing our first home will be one of the most significant financial transactions of our lifetime. It therefore makes good sense to properly prepare for this important step with the most appropriate finance package and structure for you.

With the major banks ready to gobble you up, there are great advantages to using a specialist finance advisor who no only has access many finance providers and products so that you can be sure of getting the most appropriate product your circumstances. Today there are hundreds of loan products on the market and if you are not experienced in the market how do you decide which one is right for you?

We have access to hundreds of financial products, the latest technology at out finger tips and our innovative & flexible approach, we are able to provide the solution you need.

The same applies to business finance, with the added complication of funding growth from your balance sheet, purchase orders & invoices as needs to be fully detailed in your financial plan. As business grow there is often a need to choose between debt finance and equity finance.

In all cases your financial advisor will ensure that your recommended financial strategy is affordable, safe, and full protected and ...

National Privacy Principles

The Australian Federal Privacy Act came into operation on 21st December 2001, introducing sweeping legislative protection for consumers and individuals' personal information. The act is referred to as the National Privacy Principles (NPP). Read our privacy policy here.


Loans to Lifestyle is a full member of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia and the Connective OSN Pty Ltd group, both of which maintain strict codes of ethics that are a mandatory component of membership.

Financial Services Credit Guide

Our Financial Services Guide fully outlines our business in terms of ...

A full copy can be downloaded here.

Licencee  Profile.

A copy of the licencee's (Peter Hyde) profile can be downloaded here.

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An extensive library of Checklists, Forms and Guides can be found in our archive library.

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