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Financial Protection: Safeguarding your Assets & Income

Financial Protection - In General.

In it's broad sense, Financial Protection covers a wide range topics, only some of which will apply to you personally.

Broadly, Financial Protection falls into the following areas :

Did you know that the Australian Government will only guarantee your bank deposit to $250,000 and only if it is deposited with a bank with an Australian banking licence and the deposits are held within Australia, not in an offshore branch of a Australian bank. This also, is one of the most generous guarantees offered in the world, slightly less that USA, but significantly more than UK, Canada and Japan.

Please remember the old adage "Failing too plan is planning to fail" and I'm sure that is not what any one of us want.

Protecting You and Your Family.

As we all know, the future is quite unpredictable. So in order to prepared for this un-predictibility we need to ask ourselves ....

They are very basic questions, but they do open up a whole raft of issues that each of us needs to consider.

So that you can look forward to the future with confidence, please call us today to start your plan for protecting your future.

Don't get caught out saying 'it won't happen to me' ...

 ….. because it will, and does with monotonous regularity. None of are "bullet proof" when it comes to financial protection.

One of the biggest reasons people's finances fall apart, is basic money management. It is just so incredibly important, yet few people are prepared to invest the time and resources to learn the basics until it is far too late. Don't you be one of them - call us today.

Residential leases tend to be for six or 12 months. However, commercial property leases are generally for a much longer period of time. It is not uncommon to have leases that are for an initial five year period with the option to renew for another five years.

Insurance another important tool in the financial protection toolbox. It is all about protecting the things and people that matter to you in your life, when you aren't in a position to do so yourself.

It provides real timely financial help when you actually need it. If you get sick or hurt and can't work, become disabled, or worse lose your life you will need a resource that has been carefully crafted to meet the ongoing needs of yourself and your family.

Unfortunately Australians are chronically under-insured when it comes to protecting our most precious ideals - ourselves and our families.
The facts are plain enough ...

An insurance payout can make a huge difference to the immediate wellbeing and comfort of your family, should something happening to you by paying for both immediate out of pocket costs for medical treatment, family expenses, past debts can be cleared, mortgages paid out, funerals paid for, etc. It is all easily planned and set up and is life changing experience.

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An extensive library of Checklists, Forms and Guides can be found in our archive library.

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