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Financial Management Services: Case Studies & Testimonials

Here is a small sample of the work we do.

Small Business with loan defaults and Credit Card debt.

We have found Loans to Lifestyle to be very professional and effective at delivering the results we need in debt management, understanding budgeting and restructuring our finances. Peter from Loans to Lifestyle is not only very knowledgeable and systematically detailed in addressing our situation, but has an extensive network of contacts with whom he constantly worked to get our results.

Their clarity of fees and charges is a welcome relief compared to other professions that charge large monthly bills. We have found that Loans to Lifestyle gave us a very cost effective service with excellent results.

Geoff D

Creditor Control & Refinance

You are amazing!! Thank you.

We are now able to focus on building our business because of you. John R.

General Financial

I have dealt with Loans to Lifestyle over the past few years for a wide range of financial matters and advice, and have found Peter to be honest and reliable in his approach. His fees are always known up front, and in the end have always proven to be good value for money.

We are only a small family company, but have over a million dollars in loans, so good practical advice is essential to my running of my life and company.

Peter S.

Debt Consolidation & Refinance.

What sets Loans to Lifestyle (well) apart from his competition is:
   * The quality of service provided;
   * His knowledge, expertise and wisdom;
   * The depth of information he requires to provide himself with the best research into a client’s needs;
   * His availability both in and out of hours, coupled with endless patience and good humour; and
   * A unique ability to see the bigger picture, solve problems and provide real world solutions.

Peter’s mantra is “There must be a way…” and he invariably finds it.

We are delighted — truly delighted — with the results.


Business Re-Finance

Paul & Jane owned a small manufacturing business and worked long hours in their business to maintain the high level of customer service their clients had become used to. They came to see us to see if there was a better way of organising their business finances, especially considering they were wanting to buy an investment property.

In supplying the mining industry their "on quote on time" philosophy has resulted in substantial and rapid growth of their business. Critically, a major specialised component in their manufacture process is imported, so it is essential to manage the growth from both a cash flow and product availability perspective.

When we met these clients, they had a very expensive and inappropriate facility with a major bank, which to be fair, they had simply outgrown from when they were much smaller. The bank had never taken the time to restructure. In addition, they used their credit cards extensively to buy items for the business because the credit was there and it was easily accessible. In all they had nearly $245k on high interest loans.

After an initial discussion, it became obvious that like many small business that grow, they do not have a financial plan to work to. We worked with them to develop the financial plan, and after much "it can't be done"'s the own bank was given an update on the business and a completely new finance package negotiated.

Today the business has reduced its finance costs by some $38,000 annually, has a core debt interest only loan, a trading overdraft, a letter of credit facility, new trading terms with their offshore suppliers to reduce the cost of funds, and own an investment property.

The facility enables them to quickly and easily purchase items for the business without having to use expensive credit cards. We worked very closely with this clients solicitors, accountants and bankers to design an effective solution for their specific situation. What's more, apart from substantially reducing their finance cost, Paul and Jane now have effective risk protection in place for themselves and their business.

Investment Property

We were approached to assist with the purchase of a residential investment property. Through our network we were able to advise our client on some particularly attractive investment properties in various locations around Australia. Our client was delighted to be so well informed with such good options.

Serviceability was an issue, as we needed to find a lender who would use the rental income to service the debt, and therefore to protect the client we needed a property with a long period of guaranteed rental income, but in an area that they felt had good growth potential. Although the husband had a relative good income of approx $90K pa, his wife only worked part time and no cash was available to provide a deposit for the new property. They also had an unhealthy level of credit card debt of $58,000, but there were no defaults on any accounts.

Great! we had heaps to work with. We were able to use the investment property as security to borrow 80% of the required funds, thus avoiding LMI and its associated high costs, and used the equity in their home to fund the remainder of the purchase price, and purchase costs and credit card debt.

The clients were advised to use an appropriate structure to purchase the property, and guided on how to maximise their taxation benefits, saving them thousands in the first year alone. The financial structure proposed catered for their tendency to "spend now on the card, and worry about it later" so that they were able to still enjoy a quality lifestyle, but also be in a position to dramatically reduce the loan cost and the period of the loan. They were delighted to learn that the real savings they stood to make, would be transferred into real money for their retirement, some 10 years away

Construction Business re-finance

Loans to lifestyle was approached by a company in the construction industry in severe financial difficulty. Their major bank had foreclosed because they were in default for over 12 months to just over a million dollars to the bank and other secured creditors. The client was within days of their bank taking possession of the partners homes.

This is naturally a very difficult situation and needed fast and effective action.

Loans to Lifestyle worked very closely with the client's legal team and was able to secure an interim funding line to fully discharge all secured creditors. The process we engineered is a two step process to have them refinanced by another major bank. First, interim funding is provided, the credit file is cleansed, new trading financials are produced, and then they are refinanced with another bank.

Whilst we were successful in this transaction, this process does come at a cost, but the clients prefer that to the alternative. The lesson to others is to get help well before events get to this level of seriousness.

Home Loan With Cash Out

When a lady in her thirties accepted our free initial consultation, it was obvious from the start there was a problem to solve. She had good secretarial position in the private medical sector, and had been in that role for the last 5 years. She owned a house, financed by a major bank and was 8 years into a 25 year P&I loan, paying most of her excess earnings into the loan account.

Since she bought the property, the value has increased by 2.6 times creating a substantial amount of equity in her home. It was a nice rosy picture and she was doing well. So why all the tears, I'm asking myself? To make a long story short, this lady had just been delivered "the treatment" by her bank, just as many others are from time to time. This client just wanted to purchase a small inner-city unit for her own convenience when traveling and despite her clear ability to service the $135K loan she required, the bank was not co-operating stating the unit did not meet their minimum floor area.

We did two things for this client, apart from make her happy. Firstly we re-financed her existing loan shaving 1% off the interest rate and increasing her financial flexibility without any cost to her, and second provided her with $150K cash from a split facility for her short term rental investment property.

She elected to change banks solely because of the shabby advice she received from her direct bank approach.

Artists Funding

We were recently approached by an artist couple to raise funds for them to attend an international exhibition where they had strong verbal indications that their art would sell.

They had difficulty demonstrating any degree of serviceability and their trading figures were almost non-existent due to the long time it took to create the art so it was not possible to use traditional lenders for them. Loans to Lifestyle was able to secure the funding for them to travel abroad and show their art.

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