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Farm Finance for Australia's Grain Growers
Seasonal and core debt finance available. 

Finance packages are now available to approved applicants, 

that provide working capital to grain growers even in years of reduced income, using Latevo International's new Crop Revenue Insurance.

The Problem.

Australian farmers need no reminder of how hard it has been to make a consistant good living from farming over the last 10-15 years, regardless of where you farm. Droughts, floods, frost and other perils have resulted in too many years where farm businesses have run at a loss.

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To stay viable and increase efficiencies many farmers have gone through expansion phases to gain greater economies of scale. While this increases opportunities for greater profits, it does in turn expose the family business to bothFarm loans with Crop revenue Insurance potential trading losses in years of reduced yield, as well as structural capital risk from changing property value limits of lenders. Combined with declining terms of trade, and a significant increase in fertilizer and machinery expenses, this has resulted in a substantial increase in the working capital requirements to run and operate the larger farm. In fact, working capital requirements are now on average three times greater than they were just 10 years ago. 

When working capital is insufficient to properly manage and operate the family farm, a real downward spiral quickly begins, starting with reduced farm income & profit from the next crop because of reduced crops and compromised agricultural practices & services, which in turn leads to reduced farm values, frequently triggering a lenders farm value limits required to support the farm loans. Then there is the social cost of lack of lifestyle, partnership breakdown and destruction of family relationships. Many good viable farms have been split up and sold these reasons. Adequate working capital is the key.

There Has to be a Better Way.

The key to mintaining a successful farming operation on a year to year basis is to have a reliable predictable income stream that both you, the Farmer, and your Lender can rely on, plus being able to offer your lender security so that your farm valuation limit is sufficiently high that it is less likely to be affected by seasonal land values. 

Old fashioned stand alone multi-peril crop insurance doesn't suffice - it has not survived the tests of time and even in it's hay-day, didn't integrate with lenders financial farm products. It was an expensive inefficient band-aid at best.

Revenue Protection - A New Way

Farm Finnce

Latevo International is an Australian company with its roots in Canada which has developed a Crop Revenue Insurance product for grain growers with a proven track record that is accLoans to Lifestyle provides Farm loans with Crop Insuranceepted by most major farm lenders. Latevo International’s CEO Andrew Trotter says that the concept is born out of 30 years of trial and error in the Canadian agricultural insurance market.

The Crop Revenue Insurance component was developed by Australian farmers is underwritten by world leading insurers, and it unlocks access to working capital when used in conjunction with the appropriate farm lending products provided by most major agricultural lenders.

The product is intergrated with the major farm lenders financial products so that your lender has a guaranteed farm income base to work from, and is able to improve and stabilise the farm value side of the lending equation.

Latevo’s new Crop Revenue Protection Insurance program when combined with compatible farm re-finance products provides a revolutionary new way to alleviate the critical issues of carrying excessive debt and cash flow pressures. By transferring revenue risk from the farm to the insurance industry, Latevo can protect farmers and their Lenders against financial loss which in turn gives financiers the confidence to lend.Several banks have now confirmed they will treat the new insurance policy as a working asset, to help bolster balance sheets and facilitate additional working capital. Suddenly, the risk profile of farmers changes completely.

Revenue Protection - A New Way

"From a banker’s perpective, this type of risk mitigation tool has been a long time lacking.”

“We are strong advocates for a Multi-Peril Crop Insurance product, which we believe offers security to growers” DALE PARK - PRESIDENT THE WEST AUSTRALIAN FARMERS FEDERATION

“A revenue insurance policy may be more than just balancing the budget. It is likely to extend to fewer disputes and ultimately, happier families.” JOHN THOMSON, DIRECTOR RSM BIRD CAMERON

A Game Changer.

“Latevo’s Australian program is underwritten by some of the world’s largest global reinsurers. Farmers can be comfortable the model can withstand wide scale events similar to what happened in the US in 2012,” says Andrew Trotter, CEO Latevo International. 

While revenue insurance doesn’t take all the risk out of farming, it does take it back to an acceptable level. “Revenue Protection Insurance is a game changer for Australian farmers as it deals with the two biggest issues facing the farming community; cash flow and negative return seasons,” said Trotter.

The new model from Latevo International will provide a new way to gain access to additional working capital and improve cash flow. Utilising revenue insurance will also protect against financial losses in poor seasons. Stabilising farm revenues also stabilises industries supporting farmers, with a flow on effect of more opportunities for regional communities, businesses and families to prosper from greater stability and reduced financial volatility.

It's not for Everyone.

In order to qualify for this new farm finance package you must be able to pass a stringent but realistic farm and financial audit to the satisfaction of both Latevo International and the participating lender.

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