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Business Turnaround Solutions

Financial crises can strike a business with devastating effects.

Even the best managers struggle with the financial impact of losing large contracts, bad debts or unexpected down turn in demand for the product or services. Without prompt and expert assistance business failure becomes an immediate reality.

Banks are often reticent to lend more to businesses in crisis without lengthy reviews and additional security. Cash flow recovery is not their forte. Generally business banking with bad credit makes traditional bank loans impractical, so new business bank relationships need to be established. The delay can be fatal if creditors lose patience by either ceasing supply of goods and services vital to the businesses operation or commencing legal recovery action. Businesses in this situation need both immediate cash and expert assistance in restructuring the business in order for it to survive.

Loans to Lifestyle can introduce businesses to private lenders who can convert your debtors into immediate cash. Working capital loans, short term loans & finance options, equipment loans and debtors or invoice finance together with the necessary management assistance can happen within 7 days. Your creditors can also be advised that they will receive prompt payment and encouraged to defer any recovery action. We regularly deal with the Australian Taxation Office on matters of ATO debt where they can often agree to an immediate lump sum and the balance paid progressively.

With a third of all businesses feeling the pain of cash flow pressures – it’s not surprising that “cash flow” is top of mind for most businesses. In fact – it’s actually key when you’re feeling the pinch because cash flow really is the fuel gauge of your business.

Most importantly, Loans to Lifestyle can assist businesses bring their procedures and practises in line with industry best practice guidelines so that once the current crisis is resolved, the ongoing operation is best placed to grow and develop strong client relationships. To temporarily solve immediate issues, Loans to Lifestyle can also introduce businesses to specialist private lenders who can assist with cash flow issues in the short to medium term.

With every economic down turn it is not uncommon for businesses to have freehold equipment and no working capital. We can assist you in packaging both plant, equipment and debtors under a single short term finance facility. This form of lending is not an optimum financing arrangement due to the costs but can avert immediate business failure.

The objective is to ensure the business has sufficient time to restructure and return to the major traditional business banking facilities. We recommend all clients who adopt financial crisis finance, to aim to return to bank finance as soon as possible. A key requirement of crisis finance lenders is borrowers are required to report monthly to the lenders. In addition they will require the borrower to engage a business turnaround expert to prepare three way cash flows and monitor the businesses performance on a monthly basis.

This will involve the expert having a close working relationship with the businesses key financial managers and be able to have access to the businesses accounting system via the cloud. The turnaround expert will also assist in restructuring the business to improve operational efficiencies and the order disposal of surplus assets. They may also be able to introduce the business to other businesses which can add value their respective operations. Being part of a business network is often vital in both restructuring and repositioning a financially stressed business.

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With a third of all businesses feeling the pain of cash flow pressures – it’s not surprising that “cash flow” is top of mind for most businesses. In fact – it’s actually key when you’re feeling the pinch because cash flow really is the fuel gauge of your business.

If you are not sure where to turn to next please either call or email us for immediate practical advice. We measure our success by how many businesses we turn around and preserve their value for the owners and employees. Our capacity to assist you will be severely limited upon the appointment of a Receiver so we strongly recommend you take the proactive position of engaging your own expert assistance.

What we can do for you.

Our years of experience combined with our specialist advisor networks can actively assist with serious financial challenges facing business leaders in the areas business restructuring and recovery, exit planning and management succession.

There are often circumstances over which business owners may have no control and therefore exposing businesses and their proprietors into insolvency. Directors who have signed substantial guarantees and other security documents may also have placed their own assets and those of their families directly into the firing line. The Australian Taxation Office is continuing to impose penalties on Directors and taxpayers who have not met their payment obligations.

This exposure is often the reality of business life but with proper management creditors’ interests better managed. We provide professional advice to lawyers and accountants on the practical ways to assist their troubled business clients. By engaging us onto your advisory team you will be taking a proactive step towards ensuring you can meet the challenges. Using a team approach to turnaround management, we work with the company’s management to access appropriate financiers, accountants, lawyers and other professionals to secure timely, cost-effective turnaround and crisis management.

Our extensive resources can assist company boards, CEO’s and business owners who wish to turn around poor business profitability and financial viability now causing serious issues. Loans to Lifestyle can assist company directors and business owners develop and implement realistic management and operating strategies to regain stability, viability and profitability.

Early signs of business distress are the key to successful business turnaround.

We can quickly identify problems in business management, production, sales and marketing and then provide prompt and effective solutions. Our services are directed towards small and medium businesses working with owners, managing directors and other key leaders and decision makers. They include:

We look beyond your personal asset position to provide you with the most suitable working capital solution, using you accounts receivable or equipment to provide you with a more flexible source of funds.

Industry expertise includes:

We offer a complementary initial consultation for directors and business owners seeking a high level of professional advice on a range of issues from corporate growth strategies to business exit strategies.
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