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Business Solutions Cash Flow or ATO Tax Debt? Your turnaround solution starts here today.
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Home Loans & Mortgages When the bank says “NO” - Even with poor credit! Call us for your Low-Doc loan.
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Why Us Find out how our innovative strategic approach we can help you revitalise and grow your business.

Loans to Lifestyle: Business and Personal Financial Solutions

Your first choice for Business Financial Solutions, Home & Investment Loans and Mortgage solutions across Australia. Our Genuine Substantial Business Problem diagnosis is available to all clients and engineered to provide effective solutions for your business.

Our financial strategies are designed to equip our clients both personal and business, with the tools needed to succeed in today's fast moving world, where finance is often difficult to obtain and business performance can be unforgiving when it faulters. Whether it is Home Loans and Mortgages, Business Investment & Development options, Operating procedures, Debt Consolidation, Money Management or Mortgages, we offer offer our clients, both private and business a comprehensive set of facilities. We care about you, and your success and will make strategies, facilities, procedures and finance available to you so that you can succeed in your life's endeavours.

Loans to Lifestyle works very closely with many other top professional advisors and wholesale lenders to deliver proven workable and effective solutions to our clients. Many of our partners rank in the top 100 Australian companies on the Stock Exchange and are able to impart the high level of corporate governance to our clients necessary to underpin their success.

Customers who may fall outside the lending criteria of traditional lenders are generally eligible for our mortgages. Our services custom designed and are often more flexible than those offered by traditional institutions. We evaluate and offer solutions to each client based on their own needs & merits, which allows us to say "Yes!" to the majority of our customers' requests for financial assistance. We can beat any offers from Banks and Non Banks for full doc variable loans from $150k up to $1mil based on a 95% LVR or less. (Excludes construction & land loans).

Loans to Lifestyle are Low Doc Loan solution based specialists and are here to help you.

Already been declined?  

No problem. Let our innovative approach to bad credit problems revive your business and give you a second chance.

Loans to Lifestyle is a solution provider for your Business Financial Issues, Home Loans & Mortgaes, Australia wide, especially when your credit is less than perfect. Just complete the Express Enquiry box at rigth and we will be right with you to assist with your loan.

Is your business causing you stress?  We have innovative solutions for most businesses. Don’t let creditors and ATO tax debt get you down.

Are you wondering how to finance a business? We can arrange commercial property finance, equipment financing, car loans and working capital for you.

We can arrange many types of non-bank business finance, even if your credit history is less than perfect. Innovative financing options like rent-buy arrangements, on or off balance sheet rentals, private leases and much more, all designed to maximise your business investment returns without the need for bricks and morter security. In fact we specialise company reconstructions and other debt solutions, especially where ATO tax debt, and secured and unsecured creditors need to be managed or restructured. Our goal with all business re-structures and turnarounds is to have them back in the major banking system as soon as possible, with only a manageable level of debt and an efficient profitable business operating with best of class business practices so that ongoing operational risk is minimised.

This strategic financial planning will allow your assets to grow and be protect so that you can plan to have sufficient funds at retirement to meet your lifestyle. Without a defined financial strategy, you and or your business will drift and ultimately end in seerious cash flow and credit issues. Appropriate business funding and cash flow management strategies, business financing options, and capital considerations are just as important in succeeding in your business as is your marketing, product & service offerings, and customer relationships. We can help you with detailed business financial structuring to help you keep your cash flow and capital needs in balance so that your bank balance is in the black and your debt to equity finance provides opportunity for growth.

Considering adding an Investment Property to your Financial Portfolio?

Smart investment planning often includes buying investment property. Poviding house for other Australians attracts many special benefits from our government as well as exposing astute investors to the demonstrated long term capital gain in property assets. Over time, these substantial benefits gained from depreciation allowances, NRAS tax credits, and the reduced tax liabilities afforded via trusts and self managed superannuation funds, greatly out-weigh the comparatively high transaction costs of buying and selling investment property. We have access to numerous investment loans tailored to your unique circumstances. These include loans from private lenders and smaller institutions some of whom will accepts credit impaired applicants, as well as the traditional banks for structired business clients.

Why Choose Loans to Lifestyle as your Financial Services Company?

Our vision is to become your first choice for all your financial services needs - whether it be personal, home, mortgage or investment finance, business debt or equity finance, wealth building financial strategies, short term or asset finance. We have at our call a large number of business professionals capable of proividing all of the specialist services required to complete debt refief and financial restructuring of your business.

Most important of all we are professional, easy to work with, operate Australia wide and our innovation and flexibility make us very effective at achieving your requirements. We also have access to the very best home loan & mortgage rates both in Perth and Australia wide, and offer you great ways to minimise your mortgage payments.

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